Faculty Academic Exchange Program

BARC Faculty Academic Exchange Program

The faculty exchange program would provide participants with the opportunity to teach or conduct research for one semester or an academic year at an overseas university. Faculty members would benefit from exposure to a culturally varied and diverse faculty make-up, with an opportunity to exchange ideas and observe a variety of styles. The faculty exchange program is one way to take advantage of the benefits of diverse faculty. Ultimate goal of educational institutions is to develop a vibrant and diverse faculty. This process, however cannot take place overnight. It occurs slowly, one or two faculty members at a time. The need for rich variety of ideas, cultures, thoughts, and styles, however, is immediate. In order to facilitate the process, Foreign universities and/or other institutions and the BARC can develop plans for a faculty exchange programs. The benefit will be immediate, and students will have the opportunity to learn concepts and ideas presented in an entirely new and different manner. The faculty exchange programs present a unique opportunity for interaction between Foreign universities and/or other institutions and the BARC. They will create a greater bond among the concerned institutions and will be a powerful recruitment and retention tool.

To ensure that the faculty exchange runs properly, it is important to understand the responsibilities of partner universities and institutions.


Three basic schemes may define the nature of the faculty exchange and the responsibilities of the visiting faculty member. Combinations of all three are possible as arranged in each individual case.


  • Host institution will arrange housing and visiting faculty member will pay for the cost.


  • Visiting scholar will be provided with free lectures or conferences asked for by the host institution and agreed upon by the visitor
  • Host institution will provide visitors free housing at no cost to the individual.


  • The visiting faculty will be on sabbatical or equivalent leave during the proposed semester of overseas exchange.
  • The exchange will last one semester or one academic year as arranged in advance.
  • Depending on the scheme chosen, the faculty visitor will be responsible for various costs which may include room, board, personal living expenses on site, research costs, etc.
  • Upon completion of the exchange, the visiting professor will submit a summary of his/her experience to the host institution and the home institution.


*Scholars from partners institutions are welcome to check the cooperation agreements between our institutions.